International Numismatic Alliance Conference

A series of online numismatic presentations
co-organized by World of Coins, Numista, and Zeno.
Free and open to everyone!

1st Edition

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2:00 pm UTC: Opening

2:05 pm UTC:
Peter Kraneveld | Coordinator of World of Coins and World of Tokens
“Asian telephone tokens”

2:35 pm UTC:
Dalwinder Singh | Electronics engineer, author of the book “Coins of the Sikh Empire and Sis-Sutlej States” (Spink, London, 2022)
“Sikh coins and their evolution from 1711 to 1849”

3:05 pm UTC: Break

3:15 pm UTC:
Alex Cameron | Advanced token collector and co-author of a series of books about Swedish tokens
“Swedish tivoli and amusement park tokens”

3:45 pm UTC:
Stefan Krmnicek | Professor of Ancient Numismatics at the University of Tübingen, Germany
“3D, VR and Gaming – Communicating ancient numismatics to a wider audience”

4:15 pm UTC: Closure


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The International Numismatic Alliance Conference (INAC)

  • Whether you’re an academic or a curious enthusiast, immerse yourself in stimulating discussions, insightful presentations, and interactive sessions.
  • From ancient coins to modern tokens, our events offer a dynamic exploration of the rich history and cultural significance of money.
  • Engage with advanced collectors and renowned academics, uncovering the fascinating background of all sorts of numismatic items.


The International Numismatic Alliance Conference is co-organized by three numismatic websites: Zeno, Numista and World of coins.

Zeno is an organized database of oriental coins, which allows users to post pictures and key information about Asian coins. It aims to facilitate research and sharing among enthusiasts and scholars.

Numista is an online platform for coin collectors, providing a reference catalogue of world coins, banknotes and exonumia from ancient to modern times, collaboratively built by the community. Users can manage their personal collection, swap with others, and discuss topics on the forum.

World of Coins is a numismatic network that aims at generating historic and background numismatic knowledge and research, in particular of pieces using non-Latin scripts, from Arabic to Karoshti, are hard to read, such as Byzantine coins, or contain very little information, such as tokens. It offers collectors and academics alike a free-form, virtually unrestricted and supportive framework for an individual approach to numismatics while encouraging its members to have fun with numismatics. A sister site, World of Tokens, based on MediaWiki software, allows members to catalogue classes of tokens with extensive background information on their use.